Heartbeat (SSS-006)
Cary, Nc.
2020, Installation 2021

“Let’s go downtown” is a phrase that evokes excitement and connection with the community. A place of activity and
entertainment, the downtown area of Cary, NC, brightens the town and infuses it with life. What could be more
evocative of this energy than a heartbeat? The proposed light installation on the Ivy Wall in Ashworth Village
Shopping Center embodies that heartbeat with a light sculpture inspired by the visual rendition of a heartbeat on a
monitor, pulsing to the rhythm of downtown.

Nestled into the ivy, the Heartbeat installation consists of a cascade of linear, light gauge steel studs, travelling down
the wall from left to right as a relief wall sculpture. LED lights are concealed within the flanges of the steel studs,
throwing light off the brick wall, vines and other steel members. The lighting will pulse along the installation: white
light at a faster pace engages the eye and elevates excitement, while pink light manifests at an intermittent, steady
beat. Following the trajectory of the light along the various lines is a mesmerizing experience that invites the viewer to
engage with the installation.
The installation will make use of the entire wall, measuring 60’ x 15’ x 2’, and weighing between 200-300 pounds. It
will be composed of steel studs, waterproof LEDs and the existing vines. By design, the manner in which the steel
members cross one another effectively makes the sculpture one rigid lightweight steel truss, which will hang from
custom brackets that wrap the parapet wall. The installation will be further anchored to the existing wall at selected
intersections of the steel studs.