Hedge -002
Key West, Fl

The Key West, Florida City Hall commissioned a public art installation in an underutilized space near a main corridor. Without any specific guidelines, we envisioned a peculiar yet familiar intervention found in Florida: a hedge row, albeit an artificial one.  The purpose of the hedge was to create a space where one could find solitude, make a phone call or take a nap

The fabrication methods utilized are part of our ongoing research into hijacking large scale construction methods to create novel sculpture.  In particular for this proposal, we are utilizing traditional  precast methods while referencing  Bubble Deck - a patented method for creating 2-way structural slabs for large buildings.

Instead of utilizing plastic balls for the infill material, we are using inflated balloons at the time of pouring the resin/ artificial plant mix.  After the curing process is completed, the deformed balloons are discarded resulting with large irregular  voids on the interior of the modules.  These voids create a porous interior and varied surface.  The interior voids also create opportunities for wired lighting and varying levels of transparency.  As a result, the supporting steel armature is visible at different vantage points,  inviting the viewer to follow the path of fabrication while eavesdropping on passerbys.