Light Screen
Indianapolis, In

This proposal was completed in collaboration with Timonthy Gray and Melli Hoppe.

Light Screen was a finalist in the 2007 Indianapolis Arts Council’s Great Ideas Competition.  The project was also a recipient of the 2009 AIA Indianapolis Citation Award for Unbuilt Work.

This site-specific installation is positioned within a 1 foot grid of walnut trees located at the Fort Benjamim Harrison State Park in Indianapolis, Indiana .

Light Screen consists of ninety 2x4 parabolic fluorescent light diffusers supported by a light steel framework which is lightly inserted into the walnut grove. Each individual screen can moved independently and various screens are allowed to be manually manipulated. Light can be projected onto and through each screen creating a dance of light across the field of diffusers.

Inserted diagonally in opposition to the walnut grove the Light Screen both reveals and mediates between the rigid geometry of the ground plane and natural irregularity of the canopy above. The screens reveal an record the movement of the breeze and also provide a datum to record the passage of light as it cascades through the canopy.

Working in conjunction with Melli Hoppe and the Susurrus performance group, a performance choreographed on site will mark both the installation and removal of the work. Appendages on the installation will help facilitate the movements of performance to and throughout the screen.